About Us

Who we are

Brands & Beyond Ltd is a business enabler and growth partner, focused mainly in networking events, exhibitions, conferences, awards ceremonies, digital and print media. B&B helps companies in diverse sectors to better understand their purpose, strategically align their goals and objectives, better the decision making process, as well as partner with them in the creation and execution of the growth plans.

We are in Africa -renowned for our role in helping investors, corporate leaders, and governments navigate economic changes and identify Disruptive Technologies, Mega Trends, New Business Models, and Companies to Action, resulting in a continuous flow of growth opportunities that drive future success.


The Idea

We want to bring your organizations sustainability efforts to the level of your consumer’s sitting room and in their everyday life.  Through these awards and initiative the consumer market will be able to relate to the products that care about people and the planet.

As digitalization and sustainability initiatives merge into two of the most powerful market influencers in today’s corporate landscape, the Corporate Sustainability Awards program will evaluate how organizations are interweaving their digitalization initiatives with their sustainability strategies, and provide them with a better understanding of what they need to do to be future-ready.



Why Sustainability

Sustainability is an essential tool for long-term value creation for stakeholders. These awards will provide the right impetus to this commitment, as we continue to leverage partnerships for increased adoption of sustainability practices in business.

This comes against the background of a renewed focus on environmental issues, led by United States President Joe Biden, and also the difficulty U.N. is finding in achieving its sustainable development goals (SDGs) during this COVID-19 pandemic. These awards aim to then showcase products and consumer brands that are practising sustainable measures and also highlight how consumers will reward these companies. The Corporate Sustainability Brands Awards will embrace the U.N. SDGs outlined in the U.N.’s 2030 agenda.